December 30, 2011

Alan Greenspan

In my first post I would like to highlight a very interesting person in my opinion, Alan Greenspan.
Most people know this man as the chairman of the FED (1987-2004). In his role as the chairman he was responsible for the lowering of the interest rates to 1%. This in order to avoid a heavy recession after the 9-11 attacks.

In doing so, he created a bubble of gigantic proportion as mortgages became available at low costs. Also, people never able to buy a home (lack of income or no job!) were under this move able to load themselves up with debt. As there are several interesting things to discuss about this actions, I'm interesting in only two things:
1. Were his actions based on doing the right thing to the economy?
2. And were his actions based on his view on the economy generally?   

December 28, 2011


I started this blog because of the lack of different views reaching us through the mainstream media.
Therefore I would like to share my view on things from a different angle. Encouraging people to think for themselves, and not follow a path without even knowing it, is my main purpose.